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7 Zippo Lighter Tricks That You Can Master

Americans are carrying the Zippo lighter from 1930s. No doubt Zippos are the most vintage and iconic American products from a decade. Check out these 7 Zippo lighter tricks that...

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Why Wedding Rings are Important?

Wedding Rings are the traditional finger rings that indicate that the wearer is married. It is forged from a metallic substance such as Gold, Titanium, Silver, or any other precious metal....

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Pocket Survival Knife – 5 Tips to Choose the Best [2020 Update]

Gifts Infinity has spent a lot of time to test outdoor and indoor the pocket survival knife to research the best qualities that you should see while choosing a tactical knife. What...

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Are Zippo Lighters are Worth Buying?

What are Zippo Lighters? Zippo lighters are made by a reusable metal manufactured by USA Zippo Manufacturing Company based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA. It is manufactured in thousands of designs...

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What is The Importance of Gifts in Our Lives?

In today’s blog let us discuss the importance of gifts. Gifts have always been a crucial part of developing healthy, loving relationships. aside from being just an easy gesture of...

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How Gift Trends Changed in COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought many changes in our life. Gift trading industry has also evolved in this serious time. People also accepted the newly discovered gift trends in the USA. In...

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WHO Releases New Guidelines on Face Masks [JUNE 2020]

WHO is working 24 by 7 to protect this world from COVID-19. As the face masks are one of the main part of safety precautions. Therefore, WHO releases new guidelines...

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Cloth Face Coverings: How to Use Face Masks [CDC Guidelines]

A cloth face coverings or a common named cloth face mask is a very much essential thing in this pandemic situation. According to WHO, COVID-19 mainly spreads from person to person through cough...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How to Use Face Masks [ADVICE]

As you know whole world is in the influence of coronavirus (COVID-19) these days. Healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, health care managers and other professionals are more exposed to...

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