WHO Releases New Guidelines on Face Masks [JUNE 2020]

WHO is working 24 by 7 to protect this world from COVID-19. As the face masks are one of the main part of safety precautions. Therefore, WHO releases new guidelines regarding the usage of face masks.

In it’s new release, WHO said that the masks can be used for protection of healthy persons so that they can get protected when one comes in contact with the Coronavirus infected person or can be used to prevent the spread. Now it is clearly mentioned by WHO, that the mask is mandatory for all.

According to the latest data, there are 7.9 Million total cases of COVID-19. Out of which 3.7 million are still active cases with 4,33,783 death toll.

World Health Organization held a media conference on 5th June 2020 to give an update is mask guidance for generals and health workers.

What Are New Updates on Face Masks?

  • In the areas where comes in the most active zone of COVID-19, it is advised by WHO that the health workers must wear clinical masks in the hospitals, where the COVID-19 patients are kept. The doctors on ward round in other departments must wear medical masks so that they can’t act as carriers and spread coronavirus in other uninfected patients as well.
  • In the areas where there are more chances of community spread, the people that are aged 60 years or above are advised to wear medical masks in the areas where physical social distancing is not possible.
  • The other people having the age of less than 60 years are advised to wear cloth face masks where the physical distance is difficult such as shops, malls, supermarkets, and public transport.
  • In addition to this, WHO has released new guidelines for cloth masks. The cloth face masks must be of at least 3 layers of different materials. For example, the inner layer must be of absorbent material like cotton, a non-woven material in the middles and the outer layer must be of non-absorbent layer such as polyester.
  • The people who are home quarantine must protect themselves from further transmission.
  • Those who are sick should wear a mask if they must go out.

The WHO guidelines are developed with a consultation of industry experts from different countries and niches such as epidemiology and infectious diseases. These experts reviewed much evidences and demonstrated many new experiments that include face protections, respirators, and medical masks, which can result in a large reduction of transmission of coronavirus.