Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How to Use Face Masks [ADVICE]

As you know whole world is in the influence of coronavirus (COVID-19) these days. Healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, health care managers and other professionals are more exposed to coronavirus. Therefore, WHO has released the advice on the use of face mask that we will discuss in this blog today.

According to the research or recent information, WHO suggests that there are two main causes of transmission of the coronavirus.

  1. Respiratory Droplets
  2. Physical Contact

The respiratory droplets are generated when an infected person suffering from the virus coughs or sneeze. Also, if any person who is in close connection to the infected person also get the virus when he/she uses the unsanitized hands to eat food or do any other things. The virus enters from the mouth, nose, or eyes inside your body.

Wearing a Face Mask comes in the preventive measures that can limit the virus spread of respiratory diseases including COVID-19. The use of a face mask individually is however insufficient to provide you enough protection against the virus. Other protective measures must also be adopted so that you can get maximum protection from this virus.

Medical Masks for Health Care Workers

COVID-19 infected patients with mild symptoms or illness must not require hospitalization. All the patients that are cared outside the hospital must follow all the public health protocols for home isolation and shall report to the COVID-19 hospital if they develop any serious symptoms of illness.

Advice for Health Workers:

  1. The health workers must wear a face (medical) mask when entering a patient room where patients with confirmed COVID-19 are kept or admitted
  2. The health worker should use a particular respirator as protective as a US National Institute doe Occupational Safety and Health certified N95 mask. Or equivalent to this standard while working in aerosol particles generating procedure.
  3. Full virus control and protection guidance is provided by WHO here.

Face Masks for Home Care

Home care is given to the patients that are having mild illness of COVID -19 or are suspected to have the coronavirus symptoms. Home care can also be considered when there is limited availability of resources and are unable to meet the demand of health care.

Persons who are COVID-19 suspected should:

  1. The person must self-isolate if the medical facility is not possible.
  2. The person should perform the hand sanitization frequently using alcohol-based sanitizers or hand rubs.
  3. Keep a distance of 1 meter from other or non-infected people.
  4. The person must wear a face mask as much as it is possible. The mask should be changed atleast once a day. If the mask is reusable, it should be properly sanitize once in a day.
  5. Avoid the contamination of surfaces with the infected saliva.
  6. Improve the airflow and ventilation in the living rooms by opening windows and doors.

How You Can Manage Your Face Mask?

Everyone in the world must have following information on the correct use of face masks that we all are using in this pandemic situation:

  1. Avoid the face mask after wearing it.
  2. You should place a face mask, and ensure that it covers the mouth and nose. It should be tied securely so that it should minimize the gaps.
  3. Do not touch the face mask from the front but untie it from behind.
  4. After removal, do not touch the face mask. If touched, sanitize your hands properly from alcohol-based hand rub.
  5. Do not re-use the single-use face masks.
  6. If you are using re-usable face mask, wash it gently once a day.
  7. Discard single-use face masks after each use and dispose of them immediately.

WHO will continue to monitor this pandemic situation closely for any changes that can affect this advice.