Zippo Lighter USA: How to differentiate between fake and real
There are many companies in the USA that are manufacturing Zippo lighters. The Zippo brand came into popularity back in 1932. The first Zippo was built by American Geroge G. Blaisdell. Today, the brand is known by its name worldwide these days. Zippo has always invested in promotions because of its high-quality products. Zippo is trying to protect its trademark by practicing through its legal rights to stop the manufacturing of duplicate Zippo lighters.

There are many authorized retailers in many countries around the globe. You can buy the custom authentic Zippo lighters from However, you can purchase these zippo lighters from Gifts Infinity Amazon shop as well. It is very much important to check and make sure that Zippo lighters are real and the platform must be authorized by Zippo Brand.

Understanding Your Zippo Lighter

Scratches on the Insert: – Zippo lighter inserts and casing are fixed together through abrasion. Hence, scratches are unavoidable and Zippo lighters don’t polish the inner of the lighter and insert. This Zippo lighters are stick to its simplicity.

Stain on Inner Casing: - The stain inside the casing is the result of the different design processes Zippo used on the lighter.

Different Manufacturing Date: – The manufacture date of the insert and casing will be different as it is produced separately. Installation is matched randomly hence, chances of getting the same date of manufacture are very small.

Flint Wheel & Discoloring: – The metal underneath the flint wheel and insert is not of the same metal. It is connected through welding and have a rough 1-2mm width. The flint wheel is made out of alloy metals. During the process of cutting & polishing, it will create uneven colors on the surface. This is also the uniqueness of the Zippo wheel.

The Dent: - The dent on the top and bottom of the side of the lighter is the pressure point created during the manufacturing process. Some are stronger, some are lighter.

The Loose Lid: – The lids are connected by hinges. Thus, a minimal gap is required for the lid movement.

Different Colors on Bottom: – Different batch of manufactured lighters will have different colors on the bottom. This is common for matte lighters on the hinges and base not covered with paints.

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