How to Buy Tactical or “Combat” Knives?

Tactical (or Combat) knives are the famous knives that are used by US Army and Navy Seal teams during man secret missions while discovering many locations and secret evidences. They are specially designed for many different survival situations. The combat knives are made to work in more versatile situations. Therefore they are called survival knives.

The tactical knives are generally used for fighting in the army. They are similar to the hunting knives in the sense that both are fixed-blade and folding knives. A tactical or combat knives is a very handy tool that can be used in day to day life tasks at home or even at the office. But carrying the one is illegal in many countries. So you should have to beware of your country laws about the combat knives.

What is a Combat Knife?

Most of the companies that manufactures the knives generally call them “tactical knives”. The blades are created to be used in many extreme survival situations. As the word suggest the “tactical”

Tactical knives or Combat knives are generally designed for army purpose and are use as defense tool by the armies in World War Second. After that the combat knives have been discontinued after that period. So, the combat knives comes in the antique category.

Consideration of Colors of Tactical Knives

Most of us thinks that the most important part of any knife is its blade. Blade is the most important part because of its type of blade and the design of blade. Yes, it is right that these both things are taken into consideration while making the blade of the knife. It is considered as essential while making the tactical knives a bit dull. It is due to the fact that shiny and reflective blades are often used for combat knives manufacturing because they draw the attention from potential enemies. That is why the tactical knife blades are made from dark and unreflective metal surfaces.

At Gifts Infinity, we sell combat knives made by MTECH USA and Elk ridge, both are the giant manufacturers of combat knives in USA. We have large variety of both fixed blade and folding handle knives. It is generally said that fixed blade knives are considered as the most appropriate combat knives. Fixed blade knives can be used easily in intense situations. Also, the folding knives are having length limitations while the length of fixed blade knives is long and they can be carried properly. The fixed blade knives can be attached to the vest, belt. They are also suitable to carry on any easy accessible area of the body.

At last, while choosing the tactical knife, the type of handle is most important. It is important that you should choose. A fine crafted handle includes a durable handle made of wood or any non-slip material. The combat knife must not have slippery handle. A combat knife must not slip out of your hand while using it.

At Gifts Infinity, we offer a large variety of customized knives which are suitable for combat, trekking, survival, everyday purpose.