Tree Of Life Blue Grinder

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Tree Of Life 65mm Green Metal Spice Herb 4 Part Blue Grinders

  • Crafted with heavy duty zinc alloy designed with 4 pieces and 3 chambers.
  • Mesh screen filters very fine pollen and pollen scraper is included.
  • The magnetized lid helps considerably to reduce spilling.
  • Thin poly O-Ring for smooth grinding and less friction.

    Introducing the Tree of Life 65mm Green Metal Spice Herb 4 Part Blue Grinder, a versatile and visually captivating accessory that elevates your herb and spice grinding experience. This grinder effortlessly combines practicality with artistry, making it an essential tool for both culinary enthusiasts and those who appreciate aesthetics. Measuring 65mm, this grinder provides ample space for efficient and consistent grinding of herbs and spices, ensuring that you achieve the desired texture for your dishes or blends. Its four-part construction includes a top grinder, a pollen screen, a storage chamber, and a pollen catcher, catering to all your grinding and collecting needs in one sleek package. The green metal exterior is adorned with a stunning blue hue, adding a pop of vibrant color that enhances the grinder's visual appeal. The Tree of Life design not only adds to its aesthetics but also brings a sense of connection to nature and its enduring beauty.

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