GIFTS INFINITY-Lighters Gambling, Slot Machine, Skull, Four Aces Cards-Black Matt(CD-21)

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GIFTS INFINITY - Windproof Lighters - Gambling, Casino, Slot Machine, Skull, Four Aces Cards, And More -Black Matt (CD-21)

  • Black matt windproof gifts infinity lighter with tarot card and icon collection has a distinct "click"
  • All-metal structure and windproof design are universal.
  • Flints, wicks, and refuellable lighter fuel. Doesn't include lighter fluid.
  • Most ideal gift for christmas, valentine's day, father's day, birthday, graduation, and other events.

Black matt windproof gifts infinity lighter series with recognizable "click" icons windproof design all-metal structure operates everywhere wicks, flints, and refillable lighter fuel. Comes without lighter fluid. Fluid cannot be shipped in a container. We use premium eco UV inks to create custom imprints that are of the same quality as standard imprints and are UV cured straight to the surface of the item. Gambling, slot machine, skull, four aces cards, eight-ball roulette, poker, baccarat, bingo, the wheel of fortune, scratch cards, arcade, slot machine, texas hold'em, five-card draw, black jack, omaha hold'em, and pai gow poker.

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